Liverpool Echo - LFC Euro Bundle

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Liverpool Echo - LFC Euro Bundle

Containing pre and post match analysis of LFC's 2018/19 Euro Glory winning season

Friday 31st May  - The lead up to the biggest weekend ever. Includes an 8 page Reds v Spurs pullout special with a Trent exclusive story on the reds team mates out to make history
Saturday 1st June - MADRED - the edge of immortality and heroes pullout
Sunday 2nd June - IMMORTALS SOUVENIR EDITION - Includes a 16 page special on the The Joy of Six
CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE - The Road to Madrid Souvenir Newsprint publication
This is a must-have souvenir 40 page special that every Liverpool fan needs in their collection. 
It tells the story of the Reds Champions League journey from the first game to that final in Madrid. There are match reports, reaction, pictures and coverage of that unforgettable homecoming.

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