OK! Royal Special - A New Dawn, OK! Royal collector's edition

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OK! Royal Special - A New Dawn,

OK! royal collector's edition

​​​​​​​There’s no denying that 2023 was a period of huge adjustment for King Charles, who
experienced many highs as well as some trickier lows during the first full year of his reign.

With so much to digest from a momentous royal year, this special edition of OK! looks
back at the many highlights of the last 12 months – including the extraordinary coronation
and some triumphant tours, as well as a few poignant firsts without much-missed Queen

Elizabeth II, such as Trooping The Colour and Mother’s Day.

We also cast a glance forward to the year ahead, and royal experts, including Andrew
Morton, reveal more about what might be in store for Britain’s most famous family and

how they are united in their vision for the future of the monarchy.

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