OK! Royal Special - The Passions and Pastimes of the Royal Family

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The Passions and Pastimes of the Royal Family

As well as discovering more about the royals’ aptitude for sport, cooking, gardening, art and music, this special collector’s issue of OK! casts a light on Kate’s impressive photographic talent – which was no doubt influenced by keen amateur snapper Queen Elizabeth II.

We’ll also fill you in on Camilla’s faultless cha-cha-cha and penchant for dancing, and reveal who in the family leads the pack when it comes to adrenaline-fuelled pursuits like horse-riding and skiing.

The bumper issue also lifts the lid on some of the quirkier royal pastimes too – including pigeon racing, stamp collecting and a love of crystal healing. And if you’ve ever wondered which royal has held a lifelong obsession for lighthouses or who has nailed the art of darts, then the answers lie within the pages of this special issue.

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